Your Guide to Basic Spring Lawn Care

Spring will be here before you know it, and that means it will be time to revive your lawn and bring it back to its full, lush and green glory. To help you get ahead of the game this season, the lawn care experts at GRN Pool and Landscape have prepared a brief guide below on some basic spring lawn care for this season.

Basic Spring Lawn Care Tips

1. Overseeding

Have you ever seen a beautifully manicured lawn at a baseball diamond or a football stadium? Some of that grass looks so good it seems like it is fake! The reason why those fields appear so brilliant and weed-free is thanks to a combination of overseeding and aeration. By adding a layer of topsoil mixed with some new grass seeds in the early spring, you can help give your lawn that even, weed-free growth you are after.

2. Aeration

The best fertilizer isn’t actually a fertilizer at all, so before you go spending a fortune on chemicals that can actually do more harm for your lawn than good, consider having the grass aerated. This involves using a special machine to pull tiny plugs of soil out of the lawn. Doing so lets more air reach the root system, which is excellent for promoting new growth. After the holes are made, you can fill them with some light sand to improve lawn drainage as well.

3. Soil Acidity

You may remember having to measure pH levels for acidity content in science class. The pH level of your soil actually has a major impact on your lawn’s growth. If soil remains too acidic after the winter weather has washed away all the nutrients from last season, then the lawn will grow unevenly. To decrease your soil’s acidity and push it towards the alkaline side of the pH scale, try adding lime to the soil. You can do this easily by saving your eggshells and scattering their crushed remains on the soil. This is an environmentally friendly way to promote healthy soil all over your yard.

Keeping your lawn healthy and lush throughout the year takes a bit of hard work in the spring, but when you consider the benefits it is definitely worth the effort. At GRN Pool and Landscape, we take great pride in knowing our clients have some of the most well-maintained landscapes in Vancouver. For more helpful tips, or to enlist our team for your landscape maintenance this season, contact us today!