Why Pools Are Better Than the Beach

As a pool company located in close proximity to beautiful White Rock Beach, we’ve spent years debating with locals on whether or not it’s better to go to a pool or to the beach. We know that White Rock beach is home to the ever-so-famous pier, where it’s not uncommon to see people jumping into the deep, Pacific waters below, or dropping a line to try their luck at crabbing. A quick seaside walk takes you over the hump to East Beach, which tends to be a little quieter and appeals to families looking to spend a relaxing day at the beach building sandcastles, walking the beach at low-tide, and enjoying picnic lunches. But no matter what seaside wonders await at the beach, we always come back to the following reasons for choosing POOLS over beaches.


1. Pools are much cleaner than the beach.

Pools are designed to be clean, and are kept up with special chemicals and regular maintenance.

When you are swimming in your pH-balanced, chlorinated water, you know what you are swimming in and exactly how clean it is. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the beach. You’ll never truly know what is lurking in the murky ocean water!!

Especially for younger swimmers or those with skin sensitivities, pools are the better option.  As well, pools are clear from the plant life, pollution and other messes that you may find in the ocean.

2. You can beat the crowds.

Although beautiful, White Rock’s beaches are close enough to Vancouver and the surrounding communities of Surrey, Delta, Richmond, Langley, and Burnaby that it makes White Rock the go-to beachside destination for locals and visitors alike. That means LOTS of crowds to fight for a spot near the water!

When you have your own pool, you’ll ALWAYS have access to amazing swimming conditions without the hassle of finding the ‘perfect spot’ and wading through crowds of people. This is especially important during a global pandemic!!

3. You have access to the comforts of home.

If you go to the beach, say goodbye to quick and easy access to things like bathrooms, showers, towels, food and beverages. Anything you need will require a trip to the shoreline, your car, or surrounding businesses. No thanks!! We’d much rather stay in the comfort of our own backyard with easy access to the comforts of home, and where we can wander into our kitchen after a swim, fire up the grill, and have a special lunch with friends or family. Plus, there’s no travel necessary!

4. You don’t have to watch the tides.

Enough said!!

Just head outside and jump on in!

5. You can go for a dip whenever you want!

By necessity and for public safety, public beaches have operating hours.  While this makes perfect sense, it can be limiting.

Having your own pool is much better because you can go for a dip literally any time of day or night. You will not have to consider any time constraints, other than your own personal schedule! Want to go for a nice swim, or a warm hot tub under the starry night sky? Go for it!!



Did we convince you to start working towards a pool of your own!? Great! Building a custom pool has a number of different steps, and with the help of an experienced swimming pool and landscape contractor, you can ensure the project will run smoothly.

If you’re ready to take the next step to finally build your dream backyard, give us a call today for a customized quote!