COVID-approved Things to Do this Spring in Vancouver

things to do in vancouver during covid-19

Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver, and with continued public closures due to COVID-19, it’s important to prepare for some fun activities that you can do from the comfort and safety of home. To help you come up with some fun ideas, our team at GRN Pool has put together this quick list of some ideas the whole family will love!

#1 Plant a Vegetable Garden:

If you’ve ever tasted garden-fresh food, you’d know that the sweet, juicy flavours and vibrant produce are totally worth the hype! Planting a vegetable garden at home is a fun and often inexpensive activity that is great for the whole family! For lots of variety, you can buy directly from seed and nursery plant companies. Many shops offer online shopping now.

It may seem daunting at first, but maintaining a vegetable garden can be a very rewarding hobby. And if you need any help setting up your backyard with landscaping, planter boxes, and more — let us know! We’re happy to help. 


#2 Indulge in a Self-Care Day 

When it comes to self-care, nothing is better than a spa day by the pool. Put on your favourite relaxing playlist, indulge in some alone time, and give yourself the space to disconnect from the stressors of life.

Of course, the first step is having a pool or hot tub to relax in. But don’t sweat it — Bubble baths can work in the meantime too! When you’re ready to upgrade your backyard, give us a call


#3 Play an Outdoor Game

Spring doesn’t have to be ruined due to the pandemic. Many sports and outdoor games allow for you and your family or friends to remain 6 ft apart while you play. Our favourites include scavenger hunts, corn-hole, hide-and-seek, golf, and Simon Says. There’s nothing better than getting the whole family outside for some fun in the sun! Plus, fresh air and physical activity help with maintaining optimal health and wellness.

Pro tip: Have a custom putting green added to your backyard! Ask us how. 


#4 Host a Backyard Movie Night 

Heading to the local drive-in or your city’s movie theatre always makes for a fun evening, but movie night in your very own backyard can be just as enjoyable — and is arguably more convenient and safe during the current pandemic.

While there are many things that can make this Covid-friendly experience better (like special treats and theatre-style popcorn!), there are two things that you must have for outdoor movie viewing: a projector and a screen. 

As for furniture, we recommend getting comfy-cosy in a lawn-chair with blankets and pillows, a table to hold the night-cap of your choosing, and flameless candles for ambience.