Swim Spa vs. Pool

beautiful and relax swimming pool and spa at the vancouver home backyard

Is there anything better than having a pool? It’s something we’ve all dreamed of since we were children. Swim spas, however, the relatively new swimming experience, have become a popular alternative to the traditional in-ground pool. Now, many people are wondering which is the better option for their backyard. While swim spas have some advantages, there are certain things you can only get with a pool.

3 Differences of Swim Spa and Pool

1. Design

A pool, or a swim spa, is a huge part of your backyard’s look. It’s the first thing people see, and the majority of your yard’s design radiates out from it. Pools come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. At GRN Pools & Landscape, you can create a custom shape for your pool, creating a truly unique backyard experience that is 100% you. Swim spas have one form, rectangle, and that’s the only shape you’re going to get. Leaving you with the same swim spa that everyone else has.


2. Entertainment

When it comes to having fun, nothing is better than a pool. Kids can spend an entire day in a pool and never get bored. And with pools come pool parties, a chance to have all your friends over for a fun afternoon in the sun, and maybe a chance to show off a little bit. Swim spas don’t offer the same type of entertainment. Their limited size and depth can only comfortably fit a certain number of people, and they really aren’t meant for fun and games. They’re really meant more for sitting. Pools are meant for swimming.


3. The Experience

Finally, when it comes right down to it, nothing beats the experience of having a pool. The fun you get from diving boards, colourful floaties, and cannonballs. The tranquillity you feel floating around with a cold drink by your side after a long day of work. Sure, swim spas have jets that let you swim in place, but with a pool, you get the freedom to move around, dive deep and get away from it all.


The enjoyment you get from a pool is something that can’t be replicated in a swim spa. If you’re thinking of diving into this experience, contact GRN Pool & Landscape for pool installation today!