Pool Maintenance

professional pool cleaner is cleaning the pool pump and other pool equipment

Should I Hire a Company To Do My Pool Maintenance?

A sparkling, clean pool can make the perfect addition to any property in the Surrey or White Rock area. Once that pool water starts to get dirty however, it can begin to become a bit of an eyesore. Most homeowners think of pool maintenance in the same way they think of other chores around the house. That is why most people’s instinct is to take a DIY approach to pool maintenance. For simple things like skimming leaves from the water surface and cleaning out the filter basket, it makes sense for a homeowner to take on these tasks. When it comes to other necessary pool maintenance and care tasks, the DIY approach isn’t always the best course of action.

Below you will find a few specific ways a pool maintenance company can help with your pool care throughout the entire year.

Peace of Mind

A company that specializes in pool maintenance can offer plenty of help with the regular care your pool requires to remain clean and looking its best throughout the season. In addition to the regular pool maintenance, you will also gain plenty of peace of mind knowing your pool is being well looked after.

Opening and Closing

Living in a place like Surrey, White Rock, or anywhere else in BC’s lower mainland means dealing with four seasons each year. For pool owners in this area, that means opening and closing the pool before and after every summer season. Since there is only a limited amount of time for people to enjoy their pools each year, most want to get their pool opened as soon as they’re ready to use it. Unfortunately, the weather, work schedules and other variables can all conspire to make it difficult to devote time to opening or closing your pool. With a scheduled opening and closing from a professional pool service company, you will never have to worry about getting the most out of each pool season. Furthermore, if any unexpected issues come up during the opening or closing, a pool company will be equipped to handle the problem.

Equipment Maintenance

When professional pool cleaners work on your pool, they are able to do far more than keep the pool clean and the water pH levels balanced. While cleaning is a major part of pool maintenance, it is also important to make sure your filtration system, pool pump and any other equipment are functioning properly. With a reliable pool maintenance company providing you service, any equipment issues that are encountered can be dealt with promptly, before they cause any other, more expensive issues.

At GRN Pool & Landscape we specialize in tailoring the ideal pool maintenance service for all of our customers. Thanks to our team’s expertise and access to a wide range of parts and top quality pool care equipment, we can ensure your pool will receive the very best of care each season.

Pool Maintenance Services in White Rock and Surrey

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