Our Shotcrete Pool Construction Process

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Concrete pools can be constructed with the shotcrete or gunite process. The difference is when the concrete mixes with the water. Shotcrete always refers to wet concrete that’s already fully mixed before it’s shot out of a hose. Scroll down below to view the steps to our shotcrete process at-a-glance!

First, when constructing a concrete pool with the shotcrete method, our team always starts with our standard consultation and design process. Working with experts, we can identity visit your property and decide on the appropriate concrete pool design for your outdoor space.

Next, we work to excavate the hole in which your pool will be installed, followed by adding reinforced “caging” of steel rebar on the future pool’s walls and floor. Pool plumbing is also planned for and pre-installed at this stage.

After the steel framing and pool plumbing is installed and everything is set in the appropriate fashion, we’ll make arrangements for a special type of concrete to arrive at your property and we will prep for shotcrete installation. The concrete will show up outside your home pre-mixed with water in the barrel of a cement truck, and we will use our special hose and pumping system to funnel this mixture into your backyard.

During the installation process, our skilled and dedicated team will do everything that we can to protect the rest of your property and landscaping. Important safety, caution and cleanliness procedures are followed.

Once the concrete mixture reaches the backyard, the fully mixed wet concrete will be funnelled into a compatible hopper using compressed air to the shoot the wet mixture through a nozzle. Our nozzleman will ensure that the shotcrete is applied to encase the existing rebar framing with a strong and consistent coating. This process typically takes less time than the much-similar gunite process because shotcrete must be applied quickly. It typically takes a few hours and must be completed within the same day without stopping.

Before the concrete begins to cure, our skilled team of labourers begins to shape and finish the concrete pool shell to your desired design specifications. Once the concrete dries, we can then install pool tiles, coping, and any patios, finishes, plaster, or aggregate.

Once our team has completed all elements to our specifications, your pool construction process is complete and it will be time to move forward with filling the pool! THE MOST EXCITING PART – YAY!

Stay tuned for more before & after photos of the pool above! We can’t wait to share this completed project with you.

By the way… If you’re not yet sure if concrete — whether it’s a gunite pool or a shotcrete pool — is the best type of pool for your backyard, we recommend that you get in touch with our team.  We’ll be happy to guide you through popular options and help you figure out if you should get a concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass pool installed in your backyard. Just give us a call to get started!