Indoor Pool vs Outdoor Pool

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No matter what size or type you happen to have, spending time in and around your own swimming pool is a great way to pass the time. Swimming is a great exercise, and there is nothing more luxurious than laying poolside and enjoying the sunshine. While most pools are located outdoors, there are plenty of great examples of indoor pools as well. Both types of pools have their own benefits and drawbacks, so the question becomes which one is ideal for you. To help you make that decision, we have put together a shortlist of the pros and cons when we compare indoor pools to outdoor pools in Vancouver.

Indoor Pool Pros and Cons

Indoor Pool Pros

Indoor swimming pools make it easy to enjoy fresh, clean swims year-round, right from the comfort of your own climate-controlled setting. Due to their indoor setting, you can make the most of your swimming pool at any time of the year, no matter what the weather. While other people have to close up their pools when it gets cold out, you can have a pool party in January! You will also find that indoor pools are a lot easier to keep clean, as they aren’t exposed to the elements or natural debris that get blown into outdoor pools. Things like algae and dirt buildup are extremely rare in well maintained indoor pools. When it comes to convenience and frequent use, an indoor pool definitely has a lot to offer.


Indoor Pool Cons

Unfortunately, there are a few negative considerations to be had with an indoor pool. The cost of an indoor pool compared to an outdoor pool in terms of installation and upkeep is far more. When installing an indoor pool, you will need to consider many things such as extra ventilation, vapour barriers and insulation. Without proper ventilation, the chlorine gas that emanates from an indoor pool can become hazardous, leading to respiratory issues and frequent headaches. You can also cause some considerable structural damage without proper vapour and moisture barriers, as the humidity and wetness from the pool can leak into the structure of your home, wreaking havoc on the wooden frames. When all is accounted for, a typical indoor pool will cost twice as much as an outdoor pool of the same size.

Outdoor Pool Pros and Cons

Outdoor Pool Pros

Although there is a bit more work required with an outdoor pool, there is really nothing better than seeing the sunshine on your perfectly clean and clear pool water. Since the pool is located outside, you will never have to worry about chlorine odours, and the feeling of spending the day in the hot sun by the pool is hard to duplicate indoors. As far as cost is concerned, an outdoor pool is a far less labour intensive to install, making it way less expensive to purchase.

Outdoor Pool Cons

While there are some major drawbacks associated with indoor pools, there is plenty to consider for outdoor pools as well. Most people will become frustrated at some point with the amount of cleaning and maintenance associated with an outdoor pool. Exposure to sunlight and the elements means there is a greater chance of unsightly dirt buildup and algae growth, not to mention the risk of animals getting caught in the filtration system. Yuck! Outdoor pool owners in BC also have to contend with the changing weather each year, meaning the pool will need to be properly opened and closed each year to prevent winter damage.

At the end of the day, there are good aspects and not so good aspects related to both types of pools. No matter what you choose, the team at GRN Pool & Landscape is ready to make your indoor or outdoor pool dreams come true! Give us a call to discuss your pool installation at your home in Vancouver today!