Difference: Fibreglass vs Vinyl Liner vs Concrete Pools

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These days, there are plenty of different types of swimming pools to choose from, and we aren’t just talking about above or below ground pools. Whether you choose to install above ground or in-ground pool will actually contribute to determining which type of pool you can get. For now we will be sticking to three major pools which are most common to in-ground, residential pool designs. These are vinyl liner pools, fibreglass pools, or concrete pools. To help you learn the major differences between each pool type so you can decide which one is ideal for your needs, take a look at the description of each pool type listed below.

Fibreglass vs Vinyl Liner vs Concrete Pools

Fibreglass Pools

If you’ve ever driven by a pool shop or warehouse, you may have already seen some examples of typical fibreglass pool shells on display. The fibreglass pool is manufactured in once piece which is designed to fit inside a pre-dug hole. This means you will have to consider things like transportation and whether or not you have enough space for the heavy trucks and equipment required to drop the fibreglass shell into place. Thanks to the highly customizable nature of a fibreglass shell, you can add features like stairs, ladders and even railings where possible.

Once the fibreglass pool is installed in place, you will have to wait a few weeks before you can go swimming. This should encourage you to plan your installation for early in the spring or later in the fall, so you can use your pool at peak temperatures during the year. When it comes to maintenance, fibreglass is easy to keep clean and algae free with little use of chlorine or other cleaning chemicals. At the end of the day however, if a patch is required it can be difficult to get an exact colour match. In terms of overall cost, fibreglass pools are a lot cheaper than concrete but somewhat more expensive than a vinyl liner pool.


Vinyl Liner Pools

When it comes to an inexpensive tool that is easy to maintain and clean, there is no better option than a vinyl liner pool. Unlike a fibreglass or concrete pool, a vinyl liner shell is made from steel or solid polymer walls. The thin waterproof vinyl is then stretched over the shell and sealed to prevent water from spilling over the pool edge and getting behind the vinyl. Thanks to its smooth, non-porous surface, a vinyl pool is easy to keep clean and algae free with regular cleaning and vacuuming. Also, when it comes to the shape of the pool itself, owners have much more to choose from compared to the other two types of pools we are discussing here. This makes a vinyl liner pool idea for yards where space is limited.

While maintenance and installation are cheaper and easier, the thin vinyl lining is prone to damage and punctures. In some cases, these punctures are easy to find and repair with vinyl patches. However, in the case of a significant tear, the whole vinyl liner will need to be replaced. At the very least you should replace your vinyl liner within 5 to 7 years, which can be about $5,000.


Concrete Pools

For long-lasting durability and a wide range of custom shapes and sizes, the best option is a concrete pool. Not only can you choose from different shapes and layouts for your pool, concrete lets you select the type of interior you want as well. Choose from things like white plaster, gunite, tile or even aggregate stone or pebble finishes for extra colour and style. A concrete pool is an ideal choice for those with the extra funds in their budget for professional cleaning and maintenance, as these pools require more specialized skills to ensure they stay clean and continue to perform well. In addition to the installation expense, regular maintenance will add to the cost of a concrete pool, so you should keep that in mind before committing to this pool material. Aside from the cost and additional maintenance, there is no better option when it comes to creating a unique, durable and attractive pool setting you can truly call your own.


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