Benefits of Having a Pool in Vancouver

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Pool ownership is not especially common in Vancouver — at least, not compared to other areas of Canada, and certainly not when compared to most areas in the United States. While it may be easy to write off the local climate as too wet or too mild for a swimming pool, there are many reasons why local pool owners are motivated to add a backyard swimming pool to their property.


In this article, we will go over the benefits of having a backyard pool in Vancouver, and the ways in which the addition of one can add value to your lifestyle.


4 Benefits of Having a Backyard Pool in Vancouver


1. Swimming Pools Provide Unmatched Value for Entertaining

If you want to be the house that everyone congregates at, one of the easiest ways to do so is to have a backyard swimming pool. Not that your company alone isn’t enough to attract your family and friends — a pool is just the cherry on top!


Not only does a backyard swimming pool provide your visitors with a limitless leisure activity, but it also complements the presence of other staples of backyard entertaining such as a barbecue or patio set.


A pool is a particularly good choice for families with young children, as the presence of water can help them to become strong swimmers as well as help them engage in physical activity on a regular basis. This brings us to our next point:


2. Swimming Pools Offer Exercise Opportunities at Your Doorstep

Not only does a swimming pool help to encourage physical activity for young children, but it also provides a great exercise opportunity for adults! Not only is swimming a wonderful cardio exercise, but it also helps to build muscle and improve the function of your heart and lungs.


Anyone who has engaged in regular exercise knows how difficult it can be to turn a tendency into a habit. When you have a pool at your doorstep, you no longer have to travel to the local pool. Cutting a commute out of your exercise routine is a sure way to encourage yourself to treat your body to a more regular exercise schedule.


3. Swimming Pools Can Increase Your Real Estate Value

There is evidence to suggest that swimming pools have the power to increase house prices. While it is certainly possible to add a swimming pool to any property once it has been bought, this is an undertaking that carries considerable associated costs. Due to this, many prospective homeowners are more likely to purchase a home that already has a pool installed if a pool was an item on their wishlist. As backyard pools are not a common commodity in the Vancouver area, having a pool could actually help your house stand out as unique among the market, which could translate to a quicker home sale.


4. Swimming Pools Add Ambience to Your Backyard Space

Although swimming pools are often thought of as practical addition to an outdoor space, there are also aesthetic benefits to having your own private body of water. This is especially true if you opt for an inground swimming pool, which will provide many opportunities to customize the lighting that you use. You can even choose your preferred hue and intensity for the lights, which can give your backyard a very cozy feel at night!


How Common are Swimming Pools in Vancouver?

If you feel as if you rarely see a backyard swimming pool in the middle of Vancouver, you would be correct. A survey that was recently done of the nearly 30,000 pools in BC has shown that private swimming pools are quite scarce around these parts — probably due to lot size and density.


For the curious: the British Columbian areas most likely to have a backyard pool are Kelowna, Surrey, and West Vancouver. Only 1.7% of houses in Vancouver proper have swimming pools.


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