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Our pool installation process starts with a scheduled appointment to the customer’s property, in order to complete and file a permit application for the work that needs to be completed. From there, we will plan out a layout of the pool in the yard, and after the permit is approved, we can begin the excavation process. From there, the customer will see every step of the process from the installation of the pool, to the plumbing installation.

After the pool is installed, we will then pour the bottom and the decks, finishing off the surrounding landscape and to complete the lining and the atmosphere the pool. After the customer is satisfied the with work once it’s completed, we then fill the pool and you are ready to go on a vacation in your own backyard! We offer steel wall, fiberglass, and concrete pools, as well as a complete deck support system to keep your pool operating the way it’s supposed to, with minimal maintenance.

We’ve professionally installed over four-hundred pools (400!), and we have the knowledge, and experience to give the customer exactly what they want. Our pools feature a Lifetime Structural Warranty. Ask Chris for more details. Schedule an appointment today!

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